skincare routine

An oil that duals as a face wash and moisturizer? Sign me up for a lifetime supply! Here’s the thing. I needed a skincare routine for normal skin because my products have been over-the-counter and as basic as it gets. Believe it or not, I’ve only had two facials in my entire life. Let’s just say, I got lucky with good skin and throughout the years I’ve sprinkled in a few products here and there only on an “as needed” basis. Recently, I tried Crude’s Starter Kit ($48.00) that comes with the 1oz. everything oil, 1oz. green tea clay mask, and three microfiber clothes.

100% Certified Organic

I was immediately drawn to it because it’s 100% certified organic, with sunflower oil as its main ingredient.  It was developed by a dermatologist and what caught my attention was that the “everything oil” acts as both a cleanser and moisturizer. My first thought was, yeah. right. So I gave it a try and low and behold, it worked! This was good news to me for one reason and one reason only: I can cleanse and moisturize my face with the same product (score!!).

The oil is essentially a double-use- double threat- product. You use it to wash your face, then apply the same oil to your face as a moisturizer. Its consistency is on the heavier side, unlike a lighter serum. So what I like to do is place the oil in my (left hand) palm and use my (right hand) fingertips to swirl the oil for about 5 seconds- in a counterclockwise motion. I find that this quickly heats up the oil and breaks it up so that it’s easier to distribute onto the face.

green tea face mask

The product bundle includes a detoxifying green mask which is one of the best masks I’ve ever used. I could feel my pores shrinking within seconds of applying the product. It’s a powdered consistency that needs water to transform into a clay. I like to flip the container’s lid and mix the powder with drinking water.

skincare routine for normal skin

It comes with three microfiber towelettes- designed to remove excess oils from your skin. Once my skin is completely dry, I apply 4 drops to my skin.  On dryer days when my skin needs more moisture, I have applied 2 drops throughout the day. I’ve seen a significant difference since using this product.  It gives me a nice, shiny glow, and I appreciate its small and compact size especially for travel purposes. Although it’s small in size, it’s highly powerful and each drop of oil is potent. In three months I’ve only gone through half of the oil, and a quarter of the mask. Hope this helped, and if you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask.

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