Featured Fix Cakey Makeup

How to Fix Cakey Makeup in Less than 5 Minutes

You’ve spent hours on your makeup. Gone through all the usual steps. Just when you think you’re selfie-ready, you take a look at yourself through the phone cam only to see the dreaded cracks on your face! Cancel your plans and stay in bed? No way! Whether you’re suffering from cracked or cakey makeup, there’s definitely a quick fix. So take a deep breath, grab your beauty blender and get

selling designer handbags for cash

How to Sell Designer Bags for Cash

Designer handbags are well spent fashion investments. But when they no longer fit your style, it can be disappointing to see them sit in your closet unused. Instead of letting all that fine tooling and perfectly stylish piece go to waste, sell it to someone who will treasure it like it’s brand new. Here are four easy steps on how to sell designer bags for cash: 1. Choose Your Marketplace Poshmark