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How to wear a scarf
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How to Wear a Scarf 5 Different Ways

October is coming to an end, and while in LA it’s not quite “scarf weather” yet, there is always a creative take on how to wear a scarf no matter rain or shine. Traditionally, scarves are used to keep us warm, but they have long since become a statement piece and a great compliment to purses, dresses, hair and much more. So wherever you may live and whatever the weather there, check out these 5

best at home hair dye
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The Best At-home Hair Dye Solution You Need to Know About, Stat!

With their award winning custom hair color,  eSalon is the best thing to happen online- second to Netflix of course. We hate shelling out hundreds of dollars every month on root touch-ups and low maintenance dye jobs. So when we stumbled upon eSalon, our dreams finally came true. An online salon service with the best at-home hair dye!! The reason we were so enthralled with this site was because we felt

French Fashion
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French Fashion: 5 Ways To Look French, Without Having To Go To Paris

On this side of the Atlantic, we have an almost obsessive fascination with being French. From eating to etiquette, the grass is apparently greener in the land of baguettes and berets. But one thing captures our attention like no other: French Style. In our minds, life could only be better if we possessed the je ne sais quoi of a Parisienne and were able to emulate the nonchalant uniform of