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42 Best Online Shopping Sites for Women
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42 Best Online Shopping Sites for Women’s Clothing

In recent years, online shopping sites for women have gone mainstream. Some people have completely switched over to buying everything online and prefer to get their fashion delivered to them rather than going out to get it. This marketplace seems to be growing on a daily basis and there is always a new store vying for your attention. But it can be time consuming and tiring to wade through all of them. So, to
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Holiday Decor
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6 Best Holiday Decor Stores Online

I’m generally not one to decorate for the holidays. On occasion I’ll go all-out for a party or because family are in town, but in the past 10 years I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done that. However this year, that’s all going to change. I have a son now and I want him to enjoy the holidays as much as I did as a kid,
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fun places for kids
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Make New Memories at These 10 Fun Places for Kids in LA

Mammas, I know it can get tough to find time to juggle everything we’ve got going on, but as the old saying goes: stop and smell the roses, or in this case stop and visit these places. Nothing lasts forever other than our memories, so amidst the craze, remember to always make some. To help, I’ve put together a list of 10 fun places for kids you can visit in
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DIY Ballerina Party Pops
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How to Make DIY Ballerina Party Pops

Last month my little, not-so-little girl turned 3 years old. She recently started ballet and is obsessed with all things ballerina, so that was the theme of her 3rd birthday party soirée. Even though I love party planning and making all the cute itty-bitty details myself, I was too busy and too pregnant and enlisted the help of a planner. Still, I wanted to make at least ONE thing for
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Petite Fashion
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9 Best Petite Fashion Brands for Women

When you’re petite, sometimes it can be easy to feel ignored on the fashion front. Clothing is generally sized on a taller frame and then modeled on one that’s positively statuesque. Not to mention that some of the assortment from traditional petite clothing sections can feel a bit dated. But the market is changing and more and more brands are catering to the 5’4” and shorter crowd and producing fashion-forward
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Gold Watches
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22 Best Gold Watches Under $100

Gold watches are back in, and with it styles that pair this age-old flasher with edgy looks for day and night. Your wardrobe palette can be as simple as a black pencil skirt, cool t-shirt, gladiator sandals, and chunky gold watches really up your outfit’s wow factor. Here, for instance, I've topped a sexy pencil skirt with a basic tee that I’ve rolled up on the stomach to make a little
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Animal Print
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Day and Night Rendition of the Animal Print Dress

When it comes to animal print and fashion, I'm always a bit hesitant. Sometimes prints are overwhelming, and paired with the wrong colors or patterns they are just downright tacky. But to be fair, I've seen some girls rocking animal prints like nobody's business so Sophie and I decided to give it a try. This leopard print dress is from one of our favorite brands - Kardashian Kids and I
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Honest baby product review
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Honest Company Products I Can’t Live Without, Honestly

My diaper bag is always overflowing with clothes, toys, bottles and lots of that cute white/turquoise/red printed packaging - aka Honest products. The brand has expanded beyond baby products, all the while keeping their promise to customers to deliver environmentally-friendly, chemical-free products. On each product, you can find exactly what's in it and what's not. Best of all, the Honest company has continued to maintain some of the best customer service I've
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Makeup skin prep
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Before Makeup Skin Prep with 7 Award-Winning Products

A proper daily skin routine is the most important way to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful and younger looking skin.  If you want to do it right you have to be vigilant about each step/product.  Start your before makeup skin prep by washing your face with a skin cleanser then to prep your skin for makeup apply a toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and undereye cream. Wow right? With so
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sleep deprived
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Solutions for a Sleep Deprived New Mom, Like Me

If you're thinking that the picture above looks too serene, then you're probably right. This was a once in a lifetime shot, and unless you have a full time nanny, moments like these are hard to come by as a new Mom. But the truth is, if you want to be a good new Mom you've got to get some good old rest, because if you don't take care of yourself,
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