October is coming to an end, and while in LA it’s not quite “scarf weather” yet, there is always a creative take on how to wear a scarf no matter rain or shine. Traditionally, scarves are used to keep us warm, but they have long since become a statement piece and a great compliment to purses, dresses, hair and much more. So wherever you may live and whatever the weather there, check out these 5 different ways on how to wear a scarf – from traditional to creative.

You can either use a scarf that’s outdated or worn out or get an inexpensive one to try out these 5 different looks.

Look 1: Wear as a Scarf Over a Jacket or Tee

So the first way is to wear it over or under a jacket or a coat. Take a scarf, create two loops and wear it over your head, and under a jacket or coat. This will surely add a touch of pattern to any outerwear piece.

You can also add it to a plain white tee as an accessory and turn it into a statement piece, so that it’s not-so-plain and simple but is still chic.  

Look 2: Use as a Belt

Another way to wear a scarf is…as belt. Fold the scarf in half and cut it down the middle, on both sides and turn it into a belt. Loop it into your pant’s belt inserts and finish it off with double knot. You can also use this same belt and tie it over a skirt, dress or tunic.

Look 3: Dress up Your Purse

For this look, I took the same scarf piece I cut into a belt, folded it in half and made another cut in the middle to shorten the length. I added it to my neutral colored purse to give it a little more character. I’m double knotted it to give the purse a messy chic appeal. 

Look 4: Wear as a Headband

The 4th way is to double knot it into a headband. For this look I created a headband by taking the shorter scarf length, tied it twice into two knots and adjusted it onto my head. This look saves me so much time on bad hair days!

Look 5: Transform Your Plain Sandals

And last but not least, because this is my favorite, you can use your scarf to update your sandals.  I cut the scarf down one more time to create two small pieces of fabric and wrapped them around my black strappy sandals… and turned one shoe into two different looks that I can switch up at any time.

I hope you guys found this helpful. And, remember, there is always something new you can do with something old. Make sure to check back in for more tutorials!