Designer handbags are well spent fashion investments. But when they no longer fit your style, it can be disappointing to see them sit in your closet unused. Instead of letting all that fine tooling and perfectly stylish piece go to waste, sell it to someone who will treasure it like it’s brand new. Here are four easy steps on how to sell designer bags for cash:

1. Choose Your Marketplace


If you’re looking for the quickest way to sell your gently used designer handbags online, try the Poshmark App. It takes on 60 seconds to set list an item, after which all you have to do is wait for it to sell. You can shop for goods up to 70 percent off retail, using cash you earn or your own moolah.


A newer platform that simplifies the selling process by setting a selling price for you. The slight annoyance of having to wait for a quote is mitigated by the fact that you’re guaranteed to get a fair price from this site.


An excellent online marketplace and app to sell old handbags because it is 100 percent free to list your item. You can sell as many as you’d like at one time, you get to choose your own prices and your listing remains active for as long as it takes your purse to sell. Unlike ReBagg, you don’t have to submit info or wait for a quote.

2. Take Excellent Photos

Do not skimp out on this step. Good photos are one of the best ways to make sure your purse sells. When people can’t tell what condition a bag is in, they’re less likely to buy it. Take photos in natural light and include closeups of any flaws or scuff marks on the bag.  People don’t mind a little antiquing nearly as much as they mind not being able to tell the condition. Try to paint a picture when you take your shots, too. Fill your bag with accessories, or prop it next to a pretty window or flowerpot. A little eye candy will set your bag apart from the others.

3. Do a Competitive Price Analysis

This is a must. Find out what your target buyer is willing to pay by doing a little search either on the above mentioned vendors, or ebay to see what your used bag is worth by checking out what people have sold it for in the past. This information may not be easy to access, and in case it isn’t- look to see what similar brands and sizes with the same condition are going for. If your handbag is in great condition, take the original price and mark it down between 5-15% per year. If the purse has scuff marks and obvious wears and tears that are hard to fix or repair, mark the price down to around 30-50%.

4. Review and Make Adjustments Accordingly

Your bag may or may not sell right away. If it doesn’t, try bringing the price down but do it wisely. While ReBagg won’t let you do that, the other two venders will, so be realistic about what it’s worth. Check on purse you’re selling every couple of weeks and reduce the price in small increments until it sells. If you’re in a rush to get rid of it however, by all means slash the price as low as you are willing to go.

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have additional tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.