Dermstory Beautyfix Review

My Dermstore Review

Boxes shmoxes- there are so many out there! So, how do you choose the best one and what should you be looking for? For me, it’s two things; newness and real value.

Newness because, well, considering the name of my blog should be self-explanatory. But on a serious note, the beauty industry is highly advanced and constantly innovating and with in mind, I want to try it all. Not to say that it’s for everyone, but I’ve discovered the best products for my skin and beauty routine simply by sampling products first. Hence the reason why I love the concept of a beauty box. It’s the surprise gift that keeps on giving, and this month’s BeautyFix Box was off the chain.

The items in January’s box were amazing, each one better than the other, and they were all items that I needed and would use the rest of the year. The box retails at $24.95, but you get a value of over a hundred dollars and it’s totally worthwhile.

Here’s a glimpse of the 7 items I was gifted in January’s BeautyFix box.

1. DS Laboratories Revita LT – High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo

I had no idea there was such a thing. The bottle looks super sporty and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a shampoo that had the longest name I had seen yet, with the label “High Performance.” But, after giving it a good lather, I see the appeal. It was stimulating alright, and has greater than average ingredients.

2. Medicell Labs Hydrating Calming Facial Mist

I already know this is going to come in handy all summer long. With the dry Cali weather, it’s nice to keep the skin hydrated with a light mist to avoid breakouts and dark spots.

3. Arcona Magic White Ice

Trying this new moisturizing facial gel was a fun experiment for me since I’m still stuck on old-school lotion-based moisturizers. This one is a white cranberry complex and claims to hydrate the skin without clogging pores. After the third day of usage, I noticed my skin felt less oily and had more of a balanced texture.

4. Danielle Creations Chrome Mini Mirror

This is the cutest little thing. It’s tiny, travel-friendly and has found its new home in my purse. One side is a regular mirror and the other has a 4x magnifier- perfect for plucking eyebrows.

5. Karuna Age-Defying Hand Mask

I’m not sure I’d buy this on my own because I get the same type of treatment every week when I get my nails done, but it was a great at-home alternative.

6. June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque

I live for masks, and this one made it on my top 3. It went on smoothly,  took off the excess oil-buildup on my face, and left my skin feeling hydrated. Ps. The papaya scent was ridic (in the best way possible).

7. Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Luminizing Primer in Pearl

This thing is primer magic in a bottle. It contains pigments that reflect light to remove harsh shadows on the face and give the skin a more soft finish. It certainly lives up to its claims and as rich as it looks, it’s surprisingly lightweight and adds a pearly glow to the skin. I wouldn’t use this as my everyday primer, but it’s definitely my new go-to for events and occasions where I’ll be taking lots of photos.