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My name is Nayri (pronounced "n-eye-ree") and I’m the founder and content creator of, where I get to share my love for style, decor, lifestyle and more. My tips have been featured on The Huffington Post, WiseBread, Good Day LA, KTLA, NBC New York and many more. When I’m off set, you’ll find me traveling, cooking, rollerblading, making music, spending time with family & friends or wine tasting.
White-and-Gold-Home-Remodel-Featured-before and after

White + Gold Home Remodel: Before & After Photos

Let’s talk about our home remodel. This is the second home we’ve gutted and remodeled from ground up and I hope to not have to go through another one for a while. In theory, it looks fun but there are a lot of moving parts and knowing what you want and staying organized is key. Our last home had a grey, white, silver and gold color scheme with grey floors,

Featured Fix Cakey Makeup

How to Fix Cakey Makeup in Less than 5 Minutes

You’ve spent hours on your makeup. Gone through all the usual steps. Just when you think you’re selfie-ready, you take a look at yourself through the phone cam only to see the dreaded cracks on your face! Cancel your plans and stay in bed? No way! Whether you’re suffering from cracked or cakey makeup, there’s definitely a quick fix. So take a deep breath, grab your beauty blender and get

My big fat armenian wedding featured

My Big Fat Armenian Wedding

Planning a wedding in less than six months was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Looking back, I was so busy planning that I didn’t realize what was going on until the big day. I didn’t feel it until I got home from the salon that morning. Up until that point, it was just another day, getting my hair and makeup done as if I were going


5 Ingredient Lemon Dill Salmon Recipe (25 Minutes Total Time)

This is the easiest, most satisfying meal I make on a regular basis. It’s truly D-lish, packed with flavor, takes only 5 ingredients and is always a crowd pleaser. If we don’t eat all of it for dinner, I save the rest and add it on top of mixed greens for lunch the next day. It’s best served with either a side of veggies, rice, or sautéed spinach. Here’s how


35 Best Sites for Formal Dresses Every Woman Should Know

WWedding season is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! This year we’ll be going to Greece in the Summer for my cousin’s wedding and in November, I’ll be the Maid of Honor for my little sister’s wedding. I started my dress hunt here in LA but didn’t find anything that I was crazy about. So, I’ll be ordering my dresses online, from sites that I’ve either

best Chanel bags

Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Chanel Bags + 9 Best Styles of All Time

Oh, Chanel Chanel: you know the name like you know your own street or your favorite grocery store. It’s just a given that Chanel is, and it kind of always has been around. (Okay, not really … we’ll give you a quick history in a minute.) Point being, this brand has a revered position in the fashion world. It sits at the apex of luxury from New York to London,

Apps for IG Stories
blog life

14 Best Apps for Creating ‘Next-Level’ Instagram Stories

Let’s start with a fun fact. Did you know that more than 300 million people use IG Stories every day? Gone are the days that everything you post on the Internet is viewable until the end of time. With IG Stories, aka disposable content, you can now post images and videos that disappear after just 24 hours. Using IG Stories is a great way to share a special moment with

Best Men’s Clothing Stores Online

20 Best Men’s Clothing Stores: From Trendy Casual to Designer Suits

Once upon a time, online shopping was a thing for women. And men? Most men could barely be convinced to step into a “real” store let alone a virtual one, but times are a-changin’. With so many fashion pieces exclusively available online, not to mention discounted prices, helpful sizing charts, free shipping and returns, more and more men are turning into online shoppers. And, with good reason. With the click


Blogger-Approved: 7 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

Scouting your next location to shoot an OOTD? Grab a macchiato or cold brew while you’re at it!  LA is the place to find the perfect blend of great coffee and an instagram-worthy scene. Here’s a look at our picks for the best coffee shops in the Los Angeles that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but have delicious coffee too! 1. Verve Coffee Verve Coffee Roasters has multiple cafes to

Investment Handbag Brands

17 Best Designer Handbag Brands That Are Worth the Investment

The right designer handbag can last for years. Usually decades, in fact, judging by the large number of them found in antique shops and online bidding sites. Which, by the way, is why they’re such a great investment. Even when you’re tired of them, you can sell them for prices that are often higher than what you paid. Wait, you’re thinking, sell the gorgeous handbag I love more than my own heart

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