Apps for fashion bloggers on the go

At the end of this month, I’ll be traveling to the East coast to do a couple of TV segments (yay!!) but this also means that I’ll be confined to managing my life, blog and business mostly, if not entirely, on the phone.  I’ve been on my A-game testing out and putting together a list of best apps for fashion bloggers and now, my phone is souped up and ready to go with quite a few time savers. Or shall I say life savers? Either way, these are currently my favorites and I’m sure there are plenty more rockstar apps out there so if you know of any (don’t hold out on me!!):

1. Facetune

Facetune is best for editing skin blemishes. Basically, it’s photoshop but dummy-proof. It’s great for outfit posts and selfies because it allows you to smooth skin, whiten teeth and even patch imperfections.

2. Camera+

This app is great for taking better phone pictures. It’s an app that perfects the art of taking photos. Rather than taking your pictures with your basic camera phone, use this app to enhance the quality and capture what your phone’s lens can’t.

3. VSCO camera

VSCO works wonders for photo editing. I like to use this app to automate my photo filters and prepare them for social sharing. There are a lot of editing apps, but I like this one because it duals a a camera, has minimal filter options, and allows you to automate the process so that your photos have a unique-to-your-personality style.

4. Splice

I love editing videos, and I don’t get to do enough of it (yet). This app lets you do quick video edits for social media sharing. Load your clips, crop the timing, add a song and you’ve got an edited video in minutes.

5. Replay

This is great for adding transitions and effects to your video. You can choose from templates or creates your own. I like to edit on Splice first to create my video clips, then I use Replay to animate it.

6. Google Drive

I cannot live without it. When I get emails saying “I lost this file” or “can you send me these pictures again” there’s no way I’m about to wait to get on a computer to send important files. That’s why I keep Google drive on my phone for immediate access to all my necessary files.

7. Mint

It’s your accounting robot best friend for life. No really, it’ll tell where all your money is, and where it’s going, credit checker, and budget tracker all in one place, on one user-friendly screen. If you don’t like numbers, nough’ said!

8. Sunrise

Stay punctual by syncing all your calendars to Sunrise. It’s just about the coolest calendar app where you can send meeting requests, check confirmations from your team and set reminders, get notifications when other people makes changes to your appointments.

9. Fashion GPS

Get all your fashion shows and event invitations in one place plus, keep your samples on check. When you are doing reviews on products and items, the last thing you want to do is deal with figuring out where everything is and if you sent it back or if it got lost somewhere at a photoshoot. Ditch the old school paper and pen method and go with this app to save yourself the time and the Asprin you’ll need from invite and inventory headaches.

10. Flipboard

My need to read and see what’s going on in the world is solved with this app. It’s a news aggregator. You tell the app what your favorite new outlets are, and it will deliver it to you in a nice and neat Flipboard. It’s kinda like tinder but for articles instead of dates. If you like what you see, click on it to read more, if you don’t, just swipe to see what’s next.

11. Hootsuite

Schedule your posts, keep track of your comments, reshares, retweets, and more!

12. Latergram

Unfortunately, IG doesn’t allow you third parties to schedule and post content. For that, I use Latergram to schedule and manage my Instagram feed. Although it doesn’t allow you to pre-schedule directly to IG, it gives you a calendar where you will load captions and photos. and get alerts when it’s time to post so that you can manually login and post to Instagram.

13. Phhhoto

This app lets you create fun gifs, share them instantly to your social media pages, and send them out via email or text. Shout out to my friend Karen who introduced me to it!

14. PicFrame

Sometimes it’s better to do style posts as a split-framed image. That’s why I keep this on deck when I need to do a far shot, and closer one to show details.

15. Expedia

I don’t need to be thinking about flight times and check ins. This app notifies me when I need to check into a flight, gives me all the information I need about it, updates me about changes, and if I ever need a last minute booking (which has happened a few times) I can search and book what I need right there on my phone and get extra reward points for using the app versus their website.

16. PlayMemories

This app only works with my SONY camera. Rather than transferring photos via SD card, I just WIFI them onto my phone. If you’re completely confused about what I just said, it means that I can take pictures on a professional camera and I can instantly send them to my phone without having to hook it up to anything. I just need to put my camera on a wifi mode, open this app, select the pictures I want, and they magically appear on my phone. It’s probably the coolest thing since cordless phones.

17. ToDoist

Blogging as a business means wearing every hat possible. You’re the face of the company, the writer, ideator, team leader, cheerleader, relationship manager, content uploader, editor, and so on and so forth. Let this app work for you and take the pressure and worry out of missing deadlines and managing your team, so you have more time to tend to your personal life.

Hope you guys enjoy my recommendations on the best apps for fashion bloggers! I’m always looking to discover more so, if you stumble on any, let’s geek out about it in the comments below.