RilaStil Review

Living in LA, I’ve noticed that the dry heat really messes with my skin. Somedays it’s oily while other days it’s dry because of the fluctuating humidity. I’ve been testing out a few different skincare lines to find the best price and value of ingredients and I have narrowed it down to one brand, RilaStil. Their products range between $25-$145 and they have highly concentrated ingredients in their products- so little amounts go a long way. Their main focus is on “re-elasticizing” the skin and if you’re looking for a better-than-drugstore quality that aids the skin and reverses the signs of aging, this line would be a good one to try.

I recently bought 6 products to start with and although I didn’t like them all,  I’ve turned into a lifetime fan of their skincare solutions. I wasn’t as thrilled about their makeup line, but I’m hoping it will soon catch up to the quality and prestige of their skin care products. Here are the details about the 6 products I put to the test, in order of preference:

Rilastil Progression HD Illuminating Eye Countour cream


I have very sensitive eyes that swell up easily; allergy season, lack of sleep or water consumption- when something’s off about me my eyes tell it all. I found that this contour cream significantly helped decrease the puffiness under my eyes on the days I needed it most. The results became apparent immediately after using it and what I loved most is that a tiny bit of the product is all you need to get the desired effect. I used just a small squeeze of it that was just enough to cover the under-eye area of my skin and it worked like a charm. Would I buy this again: Yes! This was by far my favorite product.

Main Active Ingredients:

  • HD Complex – Promotes cell turnover, improving tone, minimizing wrinkles, and increasing luminosity
  • Soft-Focus System – Diffuses light, creating a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Eyeliss™ – Reduces puffiness, increasing circulation
  • Haloxyl ™- Diminishes dark circles

Rilastil Progression HD Brightness Intensifier


While most people use retinol-infused skincare products to achieve firm skin, there have been recent claims that one of it’s side effects is that it thins out the skin- making it more vulnerable to wrinkles. Rather than using retinol as the active ingredient, RilaStil’s brightness intensifier, uses “Niacinamide” which is a form of Vitamin B3, that’s known to stimulate production of collagen, which is a protein that gives skin a youthful firmness. According to RilaStil studies, “After 4 weeks, elastin synthesis increased by 43% for a firmer, more toned appearance. In a 12-week clinical study against a prescription retinoic acid, investigator analysis graded the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles equal as or more effective than the prescription treatment. Pair with Progression HD Brightness Activator to maximize results.” Would I buy this again? Yes.

Main Active Ingredients:

  • HD Complex – Promotes cell turnover, improving tone, minimizing wrinkles, and increasing luminosity
  • Soft-Focus System – Diffuses light, creating a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Niacinamide – Helps improve skin’s elasticity and barrier function and reduce the appearance of pigmentation

Rilastil Daily Care Astringent Toner


The best way to test the power of an astringent is to wash your makeup off with a deep cleanser, then pour a little astringent on a cotton ball and swipe your t-zone (across your forehead and down your nose). If your cotton ball shows traces of foundation or oily residue then you know your toner is working. The Daily Care Astringent passed this test for me with flying colors, but I was surprised to find that it didn’t dry out my skin. RilaStil’s moisturizing formula left my face feeling refreshed, clean, and softer than most highly concentrated toners. Would I buy this again? Yes.

Main Active Ingredients:

  • Arnica- Reduces inflammation and constricts blood vessels
  • St. John’s Wart- Protects, soothes, and heals damaged skin

Rilastil Progression HD Brightness Activator


The brightness serum is my favorite product from this line. Just the texture alone is loaded with greatness; thick and glossy out of the bottle, but once applied to the face it feels light and invigorating. Less than a minute after I applied it, I could feel it conditioning my face and as I was pressing it into my skin, my skin felt like it was coated with a layer of silk. I used it over night and in the morning, my skin was so smooth- similar to the way it would feel to exfoliate and moisturize but all I had done was leave the serum on my face overnight. Would I buy this again? Yes, but if I had a choice between the activator and intensifier, I would go with the intensifier.

Main Active Ingredients:

  • HD Complex – Promotes cell turnover, improving tone, minimizing wrinkles, and increasing luminosity
  • Soft-Focus System – Diffuses light, creating a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Sodium PCA – Creates a moisture reserve to prevent dehydration

Rilastil Compact Powder


I liked it, but didn’t love it. It instructs that you use it alone or on top of foundation. From my experience, I didn’t get any type of coverage and it set like a translucent powder. On top of foundation it definitely worked as a mattifier but still, I don’t think it’s worth getting this product for its mattifying properties. I would instead go for a foundation that has a matte finish instead of creating a two-step process with a separate foundation, and this powder. Would I buy this again? No. I would rather use a foundation that has a built-in matte finish. Or, a powder that has more coverage.

Main Active Ingredients:

  • Ginkgo Biloba – Helps regulate oil and increases circulation
  • Dog Rose – Revitalizes skin’s appearance, minimizing the appearance of fine lines

Rilastil Duo Bronzing Powder


Of course, everyone’s skin is different, so although this may work on other skin types, it didn’t work on mine. I have an olive complexion and the colors in this powder didn’t show on my face. I tried applying about 5 layers of the powder on my face, but it barely showed. It failed to deliver the “sun-kissed” glow as advertised on the description. Would I buy this again? No. I would rather stick to darker, more pigmented and shimmery bronzers.

Main Active Ingredient:

  • Vitamin E – Nourishes the skin, maintaining moisture