I have a newfound love for capes, and I got to customize the perfect one for fall, thanks to Their website caters to women size 0-36 and allows you to take dresses, tops and bottoms and style them your way. I’ll get into the “how” in a minute but for now, let’s talk capes.

As much as I love trench coats, I try to stray away from them. That’s because I live in LA, and we rarely have a need for coats. I have two (in total), and I’ve probably only worn them a handful of times (and have been made fun of for doing it too). Coats in LA… it’s just not a thang. Hence, the reason this cape coat was the hip-hip-hooray happy medium.

I decided to go with a prominent fall color, army green and was immediately drawn to the gold military hardware. If you’ve ever seen a piece of clothing and thought, man I wish it was longer or shorter, Eshakti has the answer to this problem. When I saw the cape, it was much shorter and because I preferred to have more coverage I was easily able to customize the length of the cape and its sleeves on their website. Here’s how it works, you pick an item and can alter it to your body type and taste.


Since this cape sold out, I’ll demonstrate the customization process with this notch collar coat dress- which mind you is one of my favorite trends this year.


After you’ve chosen your piece, you’ll specify your bust, chest, hip, shoulder, under bust, under arm and waist. Next (and this is my favorite part) the sleeves. As you can imagine, based on where you live and what your personal style is, your sleeve length matters. I remember traveling to the east coast and being fascinated by the large selection of long sleeved dresses department stores would carry. In LA, we don’t have the widest selection of long sleeved anything so for that, I usually shop online. But as you can see, this is important. You get 7 sleeve options from sleeveless to long, and everything else in between.


Then, you’ll choose your desired length. This is really cool because you can pretty much act as your very own personal designer. Plus, no need to take it to the tailor to get alterations. The website does it all for you so that you can be as creative and detailed to your desired fit. Lastly, you’ll enter your height so that it’s made to perfectly compliment your body. And it’s that easy peasy, breezy.