Straightening curly hair is a BEE!! If you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair, then I’m preaching to the choir so can I get a witness? I have been looking for a new straightening solution that won’t damage my hair. I was introduced to DAFNI, which mind you has flown off the shelves but I was lucky enough to get one to try out from the Dermstore. It’s a new technology that features heated bristles that brush through hair to create smooth, straight strands.


1. Blow it Dry

Make sure to get rid of all moisture before using the brush. I want to emphasize that no matter the type or temperature of heat you apply to your hair, it should always be completely dry from the roots to ends, not damp but dry. Anything less will damage your hair so don’t skimp out on this step.

2. Activate the Brush

Turn the brush on. You’ll notice that the button will go from red to green- red indicating that it’s heating up and green indicating that it’s ready to go. This will take a minute (just enough time to turn on some music).

3. Section & Brush

If you have thinner, wavy hair then feel free to start brushing your hair as you would with a regular brush. If you have thick hair like mine, you’ll probably want to section it first. I found that the half up-half down style was most convenient for me. Grab sections of your hair and brush through from the root. While gripping the ends of your hair, brush upward toward the sky. Fifteen minutes later, my hair is straight and I’m as happy as can be. 

Straightening curly hair is no easy task but trust me when I say, it was worth the wait. If you have any questions about the product, please let me know in the comments below.