A lot of you have been commenting and asking me to do a hair tutorial. I pretty much wear it that way all the time and it completely transforms my natural straight hair into big bouncy glammed-up curls.

Products You’ll Need to Achieve the Look

  • Kenra Platinum Hot Spray
  • Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray
  • 3 Hair Clips
  • A Comb with a Sharp Edge
  • The Bellami 1 Inch Wand (For a Bellami Hair Coupon Code use: “Studs160” to get $160 off on the Bellami Curler Set and “Studs5” to get $5 off their extensions)
  • Ion Summer Solutions

Step 1. Heat Protect the Hair

Before starting the curling process, I like to spray my hair with the Kenra heat protectant.  I’m all about protecting the hair from heat damage and moisturizing it with a supple touch of nutrition. Since I wear this hairstyle almost every day, any styling products can cause a bit of strain on my hair so I’d always recommend a protectant spray, oil, or cream. I like to spray it until I can feel a light glaze over my hair shafts.

Step 2. Section the Hair with Clips

After using the heat protectant, it’s time to curl! First, I use a comb with the sharp edge to section off my hair in three parts. Because I have longer and heavier hear, I like to clip my hair in three parts and start off with the bottom first.

Now that my hair is all up in clips, I am going to show you how to really transform your hair!

Step 3. Curl by Holding the Barrel Upside Down

I am using the Bellami 1” curling wand. It’s a part of the 6-in1 Curler set that has interchangeable barrels in different sizes. I like the 1” one because it’s the perfect size for the curls that we are trying to achieve. This barrel has no clamp allowing you to have more control over your hair leaving you with silky smooth curls. Take a small section of your hair, pull the hair over the wand, and wrap it around the barrel, holding the barrel upside down. When you curl your hair, you want to make sure you are curling it away from your face and holding each curl up to 5-10 seconds.  Since my hair is heavy, I like to curl it in smaller pieces first because by the time I get to the top, the bottom curls will loosen up.

I am going to continue this process throughout the bottom part of my hair until I reach the second clip.

Step 4. Hairspray After Curling Each Section

I like to hairspray as I go along because it allows the curls to stay longer and in place.

Here I am using the Sexy Healthy Hair spray. This hairspray is great when you are looking for a natural hold with volume but without the product feel. I’m a big product junkie when it comes to my hair and I love a great product. This hairspray has keratin, which moisturizes your hair cuticles, soy to hydrate it, and my favorite, argan oil that nourishes and detangles. After hair spraying the bottom part, I am going to continue the curling process throughout my whole hair.  The secret trick is to curl all of your hair away from your face and to hold the barrel upside down when wrapping the hair. You’re going to repeat this step throughout your entire hair. Once I have completed curling my entire hair, spray your hair with hairspray one last time. Now you can either leave it like this or loosen the curls.

Step 5. (optional) Loosen the Curls

I like to run through it with my comb opening up the curls a little. You can also run your fingers through it gently. The reason I do this is to give my hair a more natural and effortless look.

Step 6. Sun Protect Your Strands

Last but not least, I spray my hair with a Summer Solutions spray. With our sunny L.A weather, it’s important to protect your hair. This spray is very light and it just replenishes it leaving it with a subtle touch of shine.