How To Olivia Pope Your Outfit

Olivia Pope

That Olivia Pope dress code has turned me into a fan for life. Besides the constant story twists and steamy romance scenes, you’ve got to admit that the exquisite outfits of Miss Olivia Pope are a main reason for tuning in every week to watch Scandal. With just two episodes left this season I decided to have some fun and incorporate some Olivia Pope fashion into my wardrobe. I put together these four tips on how you can Olivia Pope your outfit with a few simple touches. So read on my Scandal fans!

Olivia Pope

Layer the Necklaces

One of my favorite ways Olivia accessorizes is by layering her necklaces. She usually layers long strands of pearls over a silk or chiffon blouse and then wears a dressy jacket over it. I feel like this adds a flare of class to any outfit. Since I don’t have the Olivia Pope wardrobe at my disposal, in my version I layered this pearl necklace and wore it over a neutral colored outfit because pale blue, peach and the occasional powder pink are as colorful as Olivia’s outfits ever get.

Olivia Pope


Keep it Black and White

You can never go wrong with white and black. This dress is an oldie but a goodie and it reminds me so much of the Scandal Season 2 episode where Olivia wore the white and black lace detail dress to Fitz’s Birthday. She wore that simple dress so elegantly with I imagine (because we never really saw) a pair of simple black heels. In case you didn’t know, Kerry Washington (the actress who plays Olivia Pope) has teamed up with The Limited stores to create a Scandal inspired clothing collection. You can find a close replica of the dress Olivia wore during that episode and many more Olivia-inspired pieces. And, be sure to use one of The Limited coupons to save on the collection.

Olivia Pope

Add a White Coat

A white coat is an Olivia Pope wardrobe must, it should be an everyone wardrobe must, really. Olivia is always finishing off her lovely outfits with the best coats. Whether they are double breasted, belted, fitted or swing coats, I want them all! For this look, I went with muted colors again (dark grey jeans and a white blouse) and added a mid-length white coat. I added the faux fur accessories for fun, but you can skip these or go with a subtle scarf and plain leather ankle boots instead.

Olivia Pope

Wrap it Up with a Wrap Sweater

This sweater makes me want to be comfy Olivia Pope and sit on the couch and have a glass of wine, or a bottle as she so often does in Scandal. Wrap belted sweaters are cozy and versatile because you can wear them as a sweater or layer it over a blouse like a cardigan. Olivia usually wears them in whites, creams or greys of course.

I wonder if Kerry Washington keeps her wardrobe from the show, if not and you’re reading this Kerry, please send it my way!

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