Whether it’s their first bath or not, bath-time is often your baby’s favorite part of the day. I’m sure you’ve all seen traditional bath toys and accessories, but here are a few that are more unique, helpful and most importantly fun! Some of these are for everyday use and others can be a treat for your baby, but either way they’ll make splashing more fun.

Baby Bath

Bath Pad – This was my best friend for the first bath with both of my babies. I was so nervous to hold a fragile newborn in the bath WITH water and would have struggled without this pad. You simply fill your bathtub and submerge this in the water then place the baby on top. They rest comfortably and you can wash them and turn them on their tummy, then rinse them off. I would wash the pad in the laundry several times throughout the week, otherwise the moisture will make it smell.

Baby Bath

Bath Organizer – As with all kid things, your bath tub can get messy and cluttered with all the toys, sponges etc. This is a perfect and neat way to store it all away while maintaining easy access.


Honest Bubble Bath – I talked about this in a previous post, it’s a favorite because it creates endless bubbles with just a few drops and is non-toxic (because you know your baby will at some point eat some bubbles).

Baby Bath

Bath Alphabet and Numbers – These are a fun way to learn in the bath. My daughter knew the whole alphabet before she was a year and a half because we would practice in the bath. She would get so excited when she guessed a letter correctly. They easily stick on the walls of your shower once wet.

Baby Bath

Bath Crayons – These non-toxic crayons wipe off with a wet cloth and are a fun way to get artsy and creative in the bath. We would draw a fake ocean with fish and sea creatures all around our walls, or just doodle. I always made Sophie clean up after with a wet cloth, saved me time and taught her responsibility.


Baby Neck Float – Ok I know this is a funky baby bath product, and probably not for everyone. But this little float goes around your baby’s neck to help him/her float and they are free to kick and swim with their hands and feet. You’ll be amazed at what natural swimmers they are and how much fun they have with it. Make sure you are inside the tub with your baby when you try this and supervise at all times of course.


Interactive Frog Toy – I had to throw one toy into the mix and this one is our favorite. It helps distract your baby/toddler while you wash them, doesn’t require any batteries and teaches them the concept of cause and effect (as they pour water over the frog, the wheels spin and pour onto each other.) Unlike squishy bath toys, there is no risk of mold with this one!