Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is around the corner and it’s time to show your Mom how much you love her. But what do you get for the woman who sacrificed so much for you? When it comes to shopping for gifts for Mom, it’s important to think of splurges, things she would love but may not buy for herself regularly. It’s all about the indulgence and saying “Mom, you’re worth it”. Every Mom is different, so we’ve all come together at Sointheknow to put together a list of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for every type of Mom.

The Betty Crocker Momma – grocery delivery subscription

Getting farm fresh organic produce delivered directly to your door? Amazing. If Mom’s a foodie and most likely your favorite chef in the world, sign her up for a food delivery service where she can get the freshest seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as unique finds not normally found at your local supermarket. Who knows, she might even make you something sweet as a thank you. A favorite is which is basically your online Farmer’s Market delivered to your door.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The tech-savvy Mom – a portable battery charger that’s the size of her lipstick

Some Moms are just more savvy than others, which makes it all the more harder to come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas. One of our favorite gadgets of the moment which is the size of a lipstick (but trust we’d rather leave our lipstick at home than this guy) is the Lifeguard portable battery charger. It always comes in handy when your phone or laptop is on 1%. It’s the perfect gift for a tech-savvy Mom who carries around lots of technology and more importantly it’ll make sure she’s always reachable, ‘cause she’s Mom.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The traditional Mom – a special piece of jewelry

Every woman loves to receive jewelry and Mom is no exception. While this is the “safe” gift, we’re not talking cheesy or typical studs. Get her a real, well thought out piece that suits her style and is memorable, so she’ll remember you whenever she wears it. Department stores are a good place to look because they have a wide selection, we suggest Nordstrom as they carry both high-end designers like David Yurman and less expensive ones, as well as gifts for Mom with a sentiment attached.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who has everything –  earring backs to lock in her favorite jewels 

What do you get the Mom who has everything? Something she hasn’t heard of. Look for something that’s just hit the market, your Mom will appreciate your forward-thinking. These innovative & brand new Chrysmela earring backs safely lock earrings in place so that she’ll be worry-free in her favorite jewels and will never fear the thought of losing them.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who needs some help with her wardrobe – a stylish new dress

Some Moms are so busy being Moms that they have forgotten their sense of fashion.  So this Mother’s Day help her make style priority again. Whether you get her something that’s been on top of her wish list that’s just too expensive to get or the hottest new dress, she’ll be happy to look stylish without having to do the work herself. Because this can be a little tricky, we suggest buying her a stylish black dress, because you can never have too many black dresses in your closet. Discount luxury department stores like Last Call by Neiman Marcus are a great place to score a great find.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who loves the finer things in life – a luxe robe

Staying in a hotel is always fun, with room service and having your bed freshly made every morning. But honestly, one of the best things about hotel stays is cuddling up in their warm fluffy robes after a long soak in the tub. The robes just add that special something to your stay. Make it so Mom can replicate this experience at home on the daily with a hotel-worthy robe. Check out the robe collection at Bloomingdales for luxury robes in all styles and colors.

  Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Glamma Mamma – the latest and hottest beauty product

If your Mom loves getting glammed up then getting her the latest in beauty and makeup is the way to go. You can always count on Urban Decay for the hottest palettes on the market and this limited edition Naked on the Run Palette is perfect because it’s an “all in one” and includes everything Mom needs to get glammed up. Another beauty must-have you can gift Mom is the Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush, but be aware it may soon replace you as her new best friend. A safer beauty gift choice would be a hot new perfume set that may be too expensive for her to splurge on.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who loves her hair – a hair tool that will love her hair back

To some people, a hair tool is a hair tool and it doesn’t matter where you get it. But to people who are into their hair, not all hair tools are made equal and having the Rolls Royce of tools is an indulgence they wish they could have. So get her that expensive hairdryer she’s been eyeing for months or better yet a versatile hair tool that can serve multiple functions. This convertible styling tool from Babyliss is a 3-1 and will allow her to create curls, waves and free-flowing styles and is only $99. It will guarantee you’ll be at the top of her “favorite child” list.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The hardworking Mom who NEEDS a break – a spa treatment

This may be an obvious Mother’s Day gift idea but spa treatments are the ultimate indulgence and all Moms need some rest and relaxation away from home. Send Mom to the spa for the day where she can luxuriate in being pampered from head to toe and be removed from the rush of the outside world for a few hours. Two of our favorites here are the Burke Williams Spa and Bliss World Spa, you can check their site for a location near you.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who loves to stay in shape – an activity tracker

Gym membership gifts are a thing of the past, so if your Mom loves working out or wants to start but needs an extra push, an activity tracker is the perfect gift. All she has to do is wear it when she’s working out or walking to track her activity level. A few of us here use the FitBit because it tracks your activity while you’re moving around and also tracks your sleep cycles to help you get into a healthy workout and sleep schedule.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Mom who needs to get away – a trip somewhere, anywhere

If you’ve got money to spare, why not treat Mom to a trip out of town? It could be somewhere exotic like Paris or Tahiti, or as simple as a weekend in the country at a bed and breakfast. She could either go with friends or, if it sounds like she wants to spend time with you, maybe include your undivided attention and pampering for the trip. Luxury Link by is a great place to find sweet deals on trips around the world.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


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