My diaper bag is always overflowing with clothes, toys, bottles and lots of that cute white/turquoise/red printed packaging – aka Honest products. The brand has expanded beyond baby products, all the while keeping their promise to customers to deliver environmentally-friendly, chemical-free products. On each product, you can find exactly what’s in it and what’s not. Best of all, the Honest company has continued to maintain some of the best customer service I’ve ever come across – truly making sure customers are always happy. I am definitely a prolific Honest user and while I love most of their products, there are a few I absolutely cannot live without. Here are my faves and the reasons why I love them so much.


Wipes – Ever smelled a baby wipe and it reeks of chemicals? That’s how I feel about most wipes, even clorox-free ones. But not Honest wipes. They smell like nothing really, which means nothing harsh is going on my baby’s tush, mouth, hands etc. They are chlorine, chemical and petro-chemical free and hypoallergenic.


Detangler – My daughter has super curly, super thick hair, the kind I’ve always wanted but never knew how hard it was to take care of until I had her. The Honest detangling leave-in conditioner is the only thing that prevents hair brushing from turning into a scream fest around our house.


Soothing Bottom Wash – In the first year of life (namely the first 6 months) there are lots of explosions! It’s easy to wash your baby’s bottom when you’re at home but sometimes the explosion happens when you’re out and even a 100 wipes can’t help clean it up. And that’s when this little bottle comes to the rescue. A few sprays and the sticky poo wipes right off. It’s a wash, without the wash.


Hand Sanitizer – When we are at the park, at the beach in the sand, or in the bathroom, wipes just aren’t enough to get germs off. So my Honest sanitizer cleans the germs and bacteria without all the harsh chemicals and without drying our hands.


Bubble Bath – A little bit goes a long way with this product. Just a few drops in the bath and bath time turns into loads of bubble fun. One bottle lasts me for months, and I bathe two kids every night (OK I lied, I do skip a night here and there).


Swim Shorts – While these are super absorbent, they’re in my favorite list because of the cute prints. When I’m vacationing, I like taking photos and videos, and these cute prints make my beach and pool shots much cuter.