Pregnancy is a joyous occasion, but the truth of the matter is it’s not always so friendly on your feet. The additional weight you’re carrying, coupled with all the perks of water retention mean that your cutest and most stylish shoes may be the last thing you want to wear. But don’t throw in the towel and declare a love for Crocs or Uggs – you’ll regret it later. Here are some stylish maternity shoes to ensure you look good but also feel good all nine months!

1. Pointy Toe Flats

This summer, pointed toe lace up flats have been spotted on every style star worth her salt. And for good reason! They’re fashion-forward, dressy, and comfortable to boot. When it comes to looking chic while showing off a baby bump, these will be your go-to maternity shoes for sure. #stylethebump indeed!

2. Birkenstocks

Yes, I know I said to avoid Crocs and Uggs like the plague, but you’re in luck because believe it or not, Birkenstocks and their similarly styled sisters are in style. Spotted on the runways and on fashion’s most discerning feet, this podiatrist-approved staple is actually stylish! Stick to neutrals and the brand’s classic silhouettes, and make sure you’re wearing something sleek and put-together on top, and you’ll not only have the comfiest feet in town, but also one of the most trendy.

3. Wedges

When your outfit needs a little boost, opt for added height in the form of wedges or platforms. Not only are they more forgiving for your tired feet, they’re also easier to balance in when your center of gravity has shifted front-ward. See? Maternity shoes needn’t sacrifice comfort for style!

4. Ankle Boots

The great thing about ankle boots is you can wear them year-round, paired with a flirty sun dress in the summer or with a chic coat in the winter. They’re also incredibly comfortable, I know I can tromp around in mine for hours. An added bonus? You can slip in some gel insoles for extra comfort and no one will know your little secret.

5. Sneakers

Athletic fashion has been hot for a few seasons now and its popularity shows no sign of waning. I personally love contrasting a sleek – and yes, comfortable – sneaker with a skirt or slim pant for a modern take on comfortable chic. The thing about getting this look right, is ensuring that your outfit doesn’t scream “I’m going to yoga” and that your sneaker is on the sexier side of the design spectrum. Think clean lines, low profile and slim silhouette. Comfort and style? It’s possible.