Fancy DIY Easter Eggs

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw my Fancy DIY Easter Eggs this year. It’s unbelievable, even to me, how quick I was able to whip these up. I got these Flash Tattoos for my birthday last year and hadn’t used them. Easter Sunday crept up on me so quickly that I woke up that morning and realized I didn’t have eggs. I remembered I had the Flash Tatts and thought what the heck, it’s a worth a try. It  was so easy, I snapped the entire thing and it took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Here’s what I did:


I used 4 things. Eggs, a dish sponge, water and Flash Tattoos (available here.)


1. Remove the plastic cover from the temporary tattoos


2. Position the temporary tattoo where you want the design to stick

3. Drench the dish sponge in water and cover the egg with it. Make sure the temporary tattoo is fully saturated in water. Hold and press the sponge down for 30 seconds


4. Remove the sponge and paperback and voila, you’ve got yourself a fancy egg for easter

For the presentation, I used some fake floral leaves and placed the eggs around them. This made for the perfect center piece and looks really nice over a table runner for an Easter themed dinner setup.

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