Where to Get the Trendiest Sunglasses Under $40

Spring is right around the corner and my sunglass junkie ways are in full swing!! Although I love my expensive designer pairs, I also like to buy into fads without shelling out hundreds of dollars. This way, I have no regrets and I can still express my corky-chic style. So where do I get the trendiest sunglasses of the season, and still manage to get them as cheap as chips? Read on to get the scoop on my 5 go-to stores for sunglasses under $40:

Where to Get the Trendiest Sunglasses Under $40

EdgeiWear.com ($9-35) The most expensive sunglasses on the website are $35, everything else is around ten bucks. Their styles are both modern and retro fabulous and they also have ubercool reading glasses and sunglass organizers.

Where to Get the Trendiest Sunglasses Under $40

Quay Australia ($20-$40) Everyone and their mothers is talking about this brand. They’re now sold offline too at Nordstroms and Nastygal. I have a couple of pairs and man, they look way more expensive than they actually are!


ShopDitto ($24) I have to say, this is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to the industry. ShopDitto is a designer sunglass rental site where you pay $24 a month, and have the option to rent any designer sunnies you want. 


ZeroUV If there’s a trending sunglass style, chances are ZeroUV has them. You’ll always find styles galore and when you intended to only buy one pair, you’ll find yourself at checkout with more. From the most classic must-haves, to the IT pair, to the next big thing- if the word trendy and sunglasses are in the same sentence, rest assured you’ll find them here.

BOOHOO ($8-$14) Great for clothing and greater for finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Top off your outfits with their fashionable selections of woah-worthy shades.