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How To Wear a Plaid Shirt

How to Wear a Plaid Shirt How to Wear a Plaid Shirt Hi Everyone, I wanted to do a video tutorial on how to wear a plaid shirt because it’s one of my favorite classic and timeless trends. I enjoy wearing it every season, not just in the fall and if you follow my instagram feed, you’ll get a glimpse of all the ways plaid can be styled. For my regular go-to outfits, I put

Olivia Pope

How To Olivia Pope Your Outfit

That Olivia Pope dress code has turned me into a fan for life. Besides the constant story twists and steamy romance scenes, you’ve got to admit that the exquisite outfits of Miss Olivia Pope are a main reason for tuning in every week to watch Scandal. With just two episodes left this season I decided to have some fun and incorporate some Olivia Pope fashion into my wardrobe. I put together these four

how to wear ball skirt

2 Ways (Day + Night) to Wear a Ball Skirt Like a Baller

Wear a Ball Skirt Like a Baller A ball skirt used to be somewhat of an intimidating thing to me. It almost felt like a fad that would surely go out of style the minute I bought into it. But the more I avoided it, the bigger, better and badder they became. Especially during fashion week, a slew of designers jumped on board and refined the ball skirt as we knew it. Once they

Little Black Dress Outfits

One Little Black Dress, Three Valentine’s Day Outfits

A little black dress, or LDB as it is sometimes more affectionately known, is a critical part of every gal’s wardrobe. Chief among its appealing attributes is versatility. You can wear a little black dress in almost any situation, from a casual spin through the farmers market to a romantic date. In fact, the right dress can become a wide variety of Valentine’s Day outfits. Check out the three I’ve

French Fashion
FashionGuest Contributor

French Fashion: 5 Ways To Look French, Without Having To Go To Paris

On this side of the Atlantic, we have an almost obsessive fascination with being French. From eating to etiquette, the grass is apparently greener in the land of baguettes and berets. But one thing captures our attention like no other: French Style. In our minds, life could only be better if we possessed the je ne sais quoi of a Parisienne and were able to emulate the nonchalant uniform of

boyfriend jeans under 50

5 Best Boyfriend Jeans Under $50

A quick glance around the media, the mall, or the busy nightspot will tell you all that you need to know: Boyfriend jeans are in. Whether you need something versatile for a day spent on the run with friends, a day at home with someone special, or if you just want to wear something sexy and chic, boyfriend jeans look great. The ones I’m wearing here are from Zara but

ripped boyfriend jeans

Take Your Ripped Boyfriend Jeans from Schleppy to Sleek

Ripped boyfriend jeans are everywhere. Call it a throwback from the 90’s grunge clothing resurgence, or a rebellion against prim and proper skinnies – either way they’re back and the more tattered, the better. My favorite are from PacSun because they have a relaxed yet “neat” fit and are super comfortable. But how do you wear them without actually looking TOO grungy? Here are a few styling tips on how to

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Looks to Love

SPOILER ALERT WARNING: There is a Sons of Anarchy spoiler alert down below, so if you are not caught up, beware!   Lately, I feel like there is better content on television than in theatres. So I’ve been into so many shows and sometimes spend all night binge watching because I don’t have time during the day – it’s my guilty pleasure. This September was the premiere of (sadly) the

black and white striped dress

The Black And White Striped Dress: Day to Night

From Summer heat to Winter frost, nothing sizzles like a simple black and white striped dress. While the item itself is classic and adorable, the color palette is fairly open, allowing you to transition from a lighter day look to a more dramatic nighttime appeal with only a few changes in shoes, jacket and accessories. That’s exactly what I did with this striped dress from Cache. I got this dress

chambray shirts

Chambray Shirts: Day & Night Edition

Denim is all the rage these days, but I’m not talking the plain Jane work shirts your horseback-riding grandma would have worn. These outfits rely on flirty skirts and trendy details to bring out the charming side of denim chambray shirts.cWell-placed accessories like bags, shoes and lipstick can make the look daytime fabulous or ready for night. Look 1: Day The day look I’m rocking here relies on a mid-thigh skirt

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