How To Take Your Maxi Dresses From Summer To Fall

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Unless you live in a year-round tropical place some things, like bikinis and sarongs, need to be retired at the end of summer. But just because it’s starting to get a bit chilly, doesn’t mean you have to pack up some of your warm weather favorites. Adding in a few cold-weather accessories extends the life of your summer faves (like your maxi dresses) and gives you a much larger fall wardrobe to boot! So get creative with your layering, try out the unexpected, and you might be in for a lovely surprise.

In this edition, I wanted to show you how to take the ever so comfortable and versatile maxi dress from summer to fall.

Maxi Dresses in the Summer


This knit maxi dress from Styles For Less was perfect during the summer months. It was lightweight and breathable, great for beating the heat in style. I loved it paired with flat leather sandals and a woven hat – chic and summery, but still a bit edgy. Side Note: what I love most about maxi dresses in the summer is that they are lightweight enough to wear during the day and the heat, but adding a cropped jacket or blazer can easily dress it up for the night.

Maxi Dresses in the Fall…


It’s all about layering in fall, and to take my maxi dresses into the colder months, I switch out my summer accessories for some that are more cold-weather appropriate. Black booties took the place of sandals and my woven hat was replaced by a cool clutch. To stay warm, I layered a cashmere dress over the maxi, long enough to stay warm but short enough to have the hem of my dress show through. You can also wear it with a cropped sweater and add stockings or leggings if it’s really cold. To give this look an additional warm twist, add in a leather biker jacket or military style coat.  If you really want to “fall it up” you can switch out the black for other fall appropriate colors: browns, burgundies, burnt oranges, deep purples, and my new favorite the army green.

Photos by Andy Viernes

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