wedding guest dresses

5 Best Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding season 2015 has officially begun! As a guest, you want to look stylishly glamorous while being just understated enough that you don’t outshine the bride. Let’s face it ladies, we all want to look our “come hither” best without looking like we’re trying too hard. There’s no better look for this purpose than a classic lace dress. Paired with just one or two subtle accessory pieces to make it “pop” visually, it’s always

Winter Dresses

Winter Dresses For Every Figure

When it’s chilly outside, you and I both know all you really want to do is bundle up and forget about getting gussied up – who cares if you look like the Marshmallow Man, as long as you’re warm! But that sort of mentality is just going to make the winter feel all that much longer. Style and warmth aren’t mutually exclusive and one of my favorite tricks is long

black and white striped dress

The Black And White Striped Dress: Day to Night

From Summer heat to Winter frost, nothing sizzles like a simple black and white striped dress. While the item itself is classic and adorable, the color palette is fairly open, allowing you to transition from a lighter day look to a more dramatic nighttime appeal with only a few changes in shoes, jacket and accessories. That’s exactly what I did with this striped dress from Cache. I got this dress

wedding events

One Dress, Multiple Wedding Events

Weddings are never just about the wedding. Wedding season is always a duration of (at least) four months – first come the bridal showers, then the bachelorettes and at last the big day – aka weddings! It can be a little overwhelming searching for and spending money on different outfits for each of these wedding events. So to help, I wanted to show you how to repurpose one dress three

maxi dresses

How To Take Your Maxi Dresses From Summer To Fall

Unless you live in a year-round tropical place some things, like bikinis and sarongs, need to be retired at the end of summer. But just because it’s starting to get a bit chilly, doesn’t mean you have to pack up some of your warm weather favorites. Adding in a few cold-weather accessories extends the life of your summer faves (like your maxi dresses) and gives you a much larger fall