Ripped boyfriend jeans are everywhere. Call it a throwback from the 90’s grunge clothing resurgence, or a rebellion against prim and proper skinnies – either way they’re back and the more tattered, the better. My favorite are from PacSun because they have a relaxed yet “neat” fit and are super comfortable. But how do you wear them without actually looking TOO grungy? Here are a few styling tips on how to wear ripped boyfriend jeans:

How to Style Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Tip 1

1. Embrace The Grunge…Sorta

Keep your look casual, but still polished. You can wear sneakers (like Vans shoes) and a tank with your holey pants, but make sure everything is clean and put-together. This is not the time to wear your oldest pair of kicks or the ratty band tee you’ve had since 1992. You can look even more polished by adding an accessory or two, but keep it simple because this is a casual look after all. Note: I usually like to fold the bottoms of my my ripped boyfriend jeans because I feel like it makes them look a little neater and cooler.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Tip 2

2. Dress It Up

It’s all about contrast and pairing your dressiest pieces with your ripped boyfriends jeans take them to a whole ‘nother level. Sure, the look isn’t black tie, but it’s definitely Friday night dinner and drinks with the gals-worthy. For this look, I paired a sheer lace black top, well because lace always = dressy.  I added black pumps and a black clutch (by the way I customized this clutch myself by adding peacock feathers to a plain black clutch) and a statement necklace.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Tip 3

3. Make It A Bit Edgy

If full femme isn’t your thing, it’s easy to take these jeans to a more relaxed, yet still dressy, place. Statement tee + strappy sandals + cool accessories and you’re good to go! Here, I brought down the sexy a notch and instead created a more high fashion look with the statement tee. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Photos by Andy Viernes