Growing up, my Mom always presented our Easter eggs in a drug-store bought Easter basket pre-filled with some paper grass and called it a day (sorry Mom). I believe if you’re going through all the trouble of dying your Easter eggs, might as well take the extra step and rework them to create a more stylish dinner table. Here are five super easy ways to turn your Easter Eggs into centerpieces. Hope you like it and Happy Easter from all of us here at!

Eggcellent Vase

In this version of an Easter centerpiece, Easter eggs are the base of a flower vase. I think this idea works best with a square or cylinder vase, filled with real or fake flowers. Take a vase and put a small plastic cup inside, and then fill it with water and place your flowers inside, so they stay fresh. Cover the space around the cup with your Easter eggs. If you’re going to prep this ahead of time, then it’s best to use fake flowers, so they don’t dry out. Simply fill your vase with the eggs and place the stems of the flowers in the middle of the eggs. I like to make 2-3 of these Easter centerpieces and place them across the dinner table.

Easter Eggs

Nest Of Eggs

This is my momma’s Easter eggs in a basket with a facelift. I took a glass jar and filled the bottom with brown Easter grass and topped it with my Easter eggs one by one to mix the colors up for a nice display. If you want to switch it up, you can also fill the bottom of the vase with twigs, so it looks like a true nest.

Easter Eggs

Easter Bloom

Here I took a big bowl that has a stand, filled it with my Easter eggs and then put flowers in between. I like to keep the egg and flower colors similar, but you can offset them too. You can use rose petals, butterflies or other decorations instead.

Easter Eggs

For The Kiddies

Kids love Easter, so I thought they deserve their own version of an Easter centerpiece. Due to our BIG family gatherings, during Easter dinner the kids get a table of their own. I wanted to make this fun, so I added a treat, to be had AFTER dinner, of course. I placed a small bowl inside a bigger bowl and filled it with jelly beans (since they sort of look like eggs). I then filled the surrounding area with my Easter eggs and decorated it with some fun, colorful butterflies.

Butterfly Centerpiece

Oh, You Fancy Huh?

Easy peasy, meet fancy. This is probably the quickest of my Easter centerpieces. Place several candlesticks in the center of your dinner table (I like them unaligned with mismatched styles and heights). The candlesticks can be glass, plastic, gold, silver- or any color that will match the style of your Easter eggs, just make sure that the candle hole is large enough to hold the bottom of your egg. Place one egg on each candlestick and voilà you’ve got yourself a centerpiece. You can also try to add actual candles on candlesticks into the mix, especially if you’re doing a late night Easter dinner.

DIY Centerpieces Glass Candle Holders