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Budget-Friendly Solutions for Fall Hair Care

Fall Hair

With each season, your hair needs different care. It’s officially fall and we want to share these must-have fall hair care products and hair tricks. Best of all, we’ve got a Folica coupon to help you save on all these items ’cause you know we’ve always got your savings covered!



Use a Protein Based Shampoo

The summer sun can cause hair to become fried and weak, but protein can help build back the strength that was lost. Using a Keratin based shampoo is the perfect cure and Folica carries a variety of brands you can choose from.



Keep your hair and scalp moisturized and safe from the coming dry and cold months. Our favorite product for this is the Ouidad. For additional moisture treatment for your hair and scalp, you can use a microfiber towel wrap too.


Try Out a Fall Hair Color

Get into the Fall mood with a new hair color – maybe an auburn or ginger, something earthy. Test it out with semi-permanent hair dyes in case you don’t like the results you can wash it out and try again.


Have Gel, Mousse or a Styling Cream Handy

The rain can make you want to retire your blow dryer and never want to style your hair. But you can apply a mousse, gel, styling cream or other styling product after you shower and take on the wet weather this fall with minimal effort. Make sure you use non-alcoholic products because alcohol tends to dry out your hair.


Dry Shampoo it

For lazy fall hair days when you can’t get out of bed and wash your hair, invest in a dry shampoo. Spray a little in the morning and your hair will look like it has just been washed.


Get a Detangling Hairbrush

To fight off the fall winds, invest in a detangling hairbrush. You’ll be happy on how much time (and pain) these brushes can help you save.



Use Hair Accessories

On a bad hair day where the rain and wind are plenty, put your hair up with a stylish, easy to do hair accessory.


Fall Hair

Get a Blowdryer with a “Warm” Setting

Make sure your blow-dryer has the warm setting (vs. just hot and cold) that way you can apply less heat and damage but still make sure your hair is dry enough before you go out into the cold.


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