These days my clothing budget has turned into my daughter’s clothing budget. Moms of girls can relate that dress up is so much fun especially when your little one is into it. But keeping up with the trends is hard – clothes are not cheap (even though they are little) and they get worn out or kids outgrow them easily. So for my go-to, trendy AND affordable fashion for my daughter, I turn to Target Kids. I can trust that the material won’t be cheap or look old after one wash, that the pieces will be fashion-forward, and that I can find great prices and clearance items that are unbeatable at other stores. To share with all of you, I did a little experiment to see how frugal and fashionable I could be with a $100 budget. So I bought ONE jeans vest from Target Kids (which was only $15.00) and was able to use it to create 3 looks from head to toe, costing me about $100 ($106.23 to be exact). And as an added bonus, we put together this short and sweet video of Sophie showcasing all three looks.

Target Kids

Look 1: Party Ready

My little girl loves skirts she can twirl in, so I had to incorporate a fancy tutu skirt with the denim vest. The tutu inspired me to pair it with a leotard, because  leotards are simple and versatile, and for kids who run around all day they stay neatly tucked in. These sandals are comfy but have a bit of sparkle in the beading to dress up the outfit, making it perfect for birthday parties and dressier events in your little one’s social calendar.

Target Kids

Look 2: Girly and Flirty

I love mixing materials and styles. Here I dressed Sophie in this 100% cotton dress with thin pink stripes and an intricate silver design, and then added the denim vest on top. I completed the look with silver sandals to complement the silver detail of the dress. Note, if your girl is younger (under 2) or will be running around in this type of outfit, I would recommend doing a non-thong sandal as these can cause some discomfort.

Target Kids

Look 3: Too Cool for School

As girly as my girl is, she loves to run around and act like a little rascal too, hence this casual outfit. These shorts are super comfy and cool but also have a girly element thanks to the floral print. I paired them with a cream ruffle top and the vest, which matched perfectly in color but still offset it with its thicker and washed out material. Of course, nothing says casual like sneakers, and these Target Kids sneakers with a little bit of silver sparkle in the material are the perfect amount of cool. This outfit is great for back to school (even if it’s too cool for school), the park and anyplace where your little one will be on her feet and in need of comfy shoes.