Back in the day, sneakers and style were rarely heard in the same sentence. They were the sole territory of activewear and super casual attire, but paired with your fave designer duds? Not unless you wanted to look like an extra from Working Girl. But that’s all changed. In recent seasons, with the introduction of sport luxe and comfortable style, the sneaker is chic – no questions asked. Nikes paired with a Balenciaga dress, Chuck Taylors with Celine trousers, and Stan Smiths with a Givenchy skirt. If you’re still having a hard time envisioning how to take your fave sneaker to more stylish heights, here are a few examples starring my fave new Chucks.


1. Cosmopolitan Layers

When I’m heading out for a day in the city, I’m quick to reach for my fave booties or ballet flats. Recently I’ve found myself reaching for sneakers more often. Pairing them with luxurious textures like leather and wool ensures the look is comfortable, but not too casual. Since sneakers are inherently casual, it’s important to contrast them with more dressed up pieces to balance out the look.


2. Sporty Chic

There’s no denying the comfort of athletic wear, but outside the gym it’s not particularly appropriate to spend all day in your yoga pants – tempting as it may be. That being said, sports luxe is in style and the key to mastering the look is to ensure you’re not decked out for a tennis match from head to toe. In this case, I paired my sneakers with a comfortable sweatshirt and a luxe sporty-inspired skirt for balance. I got this skirt a few seasons ago but check out Top Shop for some great choices, like this skort which is a perfect pairing for Converse and helps them go from casual sneakers to fashion sneakers.


3. Contrasting Statements

One of the best ways to incorporate sneakers into your look is to wear them where they’re least expected. Whether contrasted with a dressy midi skirt or even a little black dress, the element of surprise is what makes the look feel novel and fresh. For example, my oversized knit would traditionally be paired with ballet flats or booties for a streamlined look, but paired with sneakers the outfit is playful and comfortable.