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3 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirt Dress

How to Wear a Chambray Shirt Dress Chambray, isn't denim, but looks just like it. It's made from lightweight double-ply fabric and has officially made its mark in the fashion industry. Styling it is similar to styling denim- which is one of those things that never get old, but it can get a little played out if your go-to pairing just so happens to be a plain t-shirt all the time. Hence, a chambray shirt dress is a multipurpose queen's
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Skincare Routine: The Ultimate 5 Step Saving Guide

skincare routine
Skincare Routine: The Ultimate 5 Step Saving Guide Your face is constantly going through changes caused by aging, eating habits, and weather conditions. The following is a quick skincare routine cheat sheet to guide you to the right, affordable skincare products to keep your face healthy, glowing and vibrant: 1. Start from within Aside from topical products, food and vitamin intake play a significant role in your skincare routine. Taking Vitamins A, C and E are
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