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How to Make the Perfect Beach Bellini

Alright, we are ditching the smoothies and moving on to cocktails this Sunday. A peach Bellini is one of my favorite apéritifs (alcoholic beverage served before a meal). My husband and I got married in Venice, Italy and in Venice is Harry's Bar - famous for the best Bellinis in the world. During our wedding ceremony we had bottomless Bellinis served during cocktail hour and that's when I fell in love with this drink. Here is
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How to Make Fancy DIY Easter Eggs in Less than 10 minutes

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw my Fancy DIY Easter Eggs this year. It's unbelievable, even to me, how quick I was able to whip these up. I got these Flash Tattoos for my birthday last year and hadn't used them. Easter Sunday crept up on me so quickly that I woke up that morning and realized I didn't have eggs. I remembered I had the Flash Tatts and thought what the
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Mom Life

A Basket Full of Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby

newborn baby
Before having my own babies, I always struggled with gift ideas when it came to newborns. Most of the time, I had no idea what the baby already had, what the parents would like the baby to have, or what the baby would appreciate having in the future. I usually defaulted to traditional onesies or those newborn sets with hats and socks and shirts. Now, looking back as a Mom of two, those gifts probably sat there collecting
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Sunday Strawberry Smoothie Fix

strawberry smoothie
My smoothie recipe series is coming to an end but I hope you'll continue having these throughout the week. It's really been making our family feel so much better and healthier. This strawberry smoothie recipe is kid-approved and although it tastes great, it has hidden healthy ingredients you can't taste. Hope you like it! And, remember these recipes roughly yield two 10 ounce smoothie servings. What You’ll Need to Make this Strawberry Smoothie: 2 cups strawberries,
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