When it comes to exploring new cities during the day, flats are key to saving your feet (and your sanity). But come night, it’s always fun to dress up for a stylish night on the town. Here, a versatile black midi dress goes from day to night with the help of a few accessories.

The Black Midi Dress: During the Day


The great thing about midi dresses, especially this black midi dress is the effortless sleek look it gives off, no matter how casual the look. Because I am constantly running around the hills of San Francisco, I tend to stick to sandals during the day. I love the ones I’m wearing here because the leather makes them a bit dressier making it ok to take these babies out to a lunch date. You can switch up the accessories as you’d like but with mid-length dresses, I like to pair long chains or necklaces. And lastly, I threw on this simple leather jacket because it really complements my shoes and also helps me stay warm.

The Black Midi Dress: Out on a Date

black midi dress

Come night time and come my favorite Alexander Wang shoes out to play. Here I got a little dressy with my black midi dress. I added a tailored double-breasted blazer and a statement necklace. You can also add a cropped blazer or a regular one, but I would suggest adding one with color, especially if you’re wearing it with a black midi dress. This clutch, which you may have seen before is my favorite – I made it myself by adding peacock feathers to a plain black clutch.

So there you have it. There is so much you can do with midi dresses. Just throw in a change of shoes and accessories in your bag or car and you can spend the day AND night in one black midi dress.

Photos by Andy Viernes