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Lover of fashion, DIY projects and cooking, I’m the content director at Sointheknow.com, where I get to curate fun editorial pieces with our team- plus, share all the fun things I love to do as a wife and mommy. Prior to joining the team, I worked in Marketing and Consumer Research mainly with Entertainment companies like Disney and NBC Universal. Anytime I catch a break, you’ll find me indulging in the guilty pleasure of dressing up and photographing my 3 year old daughter Sophie or snapping pictures of my littlest one Christian. A few confessions: I’m dangerously addicted to Hot Cheetos, believe anything can be cured with a glass of red vino (it’s a mom thing!), love to binge watch TV shows late at night and feel like I’m living on the wrong continent (oh how I love Europe). Nice to meet you, can’t wait to share more with you all!
Eyeshadow Palette

An Eyeshadow Palette for Every Spring Occasion

Spring is in, and I’ve done some research and trials to put together a list of cool eyeshadow palettes for the season. Whether you’re getting ready for a fancy Easter dinner, casual spring picnic or rocking out at Coachella, there is an eyeshadow palette here that will surely up your spring makeup game. Stila Eyes Are The Window Body’s Eyeshadow Palette From peach, to purple, to blue this is your best friend for Easter. This

newborn baby
Mom Life

A Basket Full of Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Before having my own babies, I always struggled with gift ideas when it came to newborns. Most of the time, I had no idea what the baby already had, what the parents would like the baby to have, or what the baby would appreciate having in the future. I usually defaulted to traditional onesies or those newborn sets with hats and socks and shirts. Now, looking back as a Mom of two, those

Olivia Pope

How To Olivia Pope Your Outfit

That Olivia Pope dress code has turned me into a fan for life. Besides the constant story twists and steamy romance scenes, you’ve got to admit that the exquisite outfits of Miss Olivia Pope are a main reason for tuning in every week to watch Scandal. With just two episodes left this season I decided to have some fun and incorporate some Olivia Pope fashion into my wardrobe. I put together these four

Bruschetta Recipe

Bruschetta Recipe: When You’ve Got Guests, But Don’t Got The Time

I absolutely love hosting brunches, luncheons, dinners and anything where friends and family come together with some good food and drinks. While before my daughter I had plenty of time to prep and cook, these days I’m more limited with a 2.5 year old. So, I’ve retired some of my favorite old recipes and replaced them with new super quick and easy ones – this bruschetta recipe is one of

Valentine's Day Ideas

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Take 5 Minutes To Prep

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while gifts are always sweet, I always like to do a little something creative and fun for my love. Here, I wanted to share with you some Valentine’s Day ideas which involve a few “love hearts” and about 5 minutes of your time to make/prep. Happy loving! My 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas: Breakfast of Hearts What you’ll need: 1 egg ¼ tablespoon butter/olive

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Looks to Love

SPOILER ALERT WARNING: There is a Sons of Anarchy spoiler alert down below, so if you are not caught up, beware!   Lately, I feel like there is better content on television than in theatres. So I’ve been into so many shows and sometimes spend all night binge watching because I don’t have time during the day – it’s my guilty pleasure. This September was the premiere of (sadly) the

Tips for Glowing Skin

Say “I Do” To My 5 Bridal Tips For Glowing Skin

Of all the things to do and think about before your big day, your face prep has got to be one of the most important ones. Your wedding may last a day, but your wedding video and photos will last a lifetime – not to mention be shared with your kids and proudly displayed  at your in-laws for every family member to see. Being well aware of this, I wanted

wedding events

One Dress, Multiple Wedding Events

Weddings are never just about the wedding. Wedding season is always a duration of (at least) four months – first come the bridal showers, then the bachelorettes and at last the big day – aka weddings! It can be a little overwhelming searching for and spending money on different outfits for each of these wedding events. So to help, I wanted to show you how to repurpose one dress three

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