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Mom Life

Pregnancy Fashion: Yes, It’s Possible To Be Pregnant AND Stylish

Stylish and pregnant are two words you don’t often find in the same sentence. In decades past, being pregnant meant being relegated to oversized muumuus and hideously styled maternity wear. Luckily, the maternity landscape has gotten better, and nowadays it is possible to look chic and stylish even when you have a bun in the oven. We looked for inspiration from one of our favorite Mommies and Preggos, Jennifer Stano

boyfriend jeans under 50

5 Best Boyfriend Jeans Under $50

A quick glance around the media, the mall, or the busy nightspot will tell you all that you need to know: Boyfriend jeans are in. Whether you need something versatile for a day spent on the run with friends, a day at home with someone special, or if you just want to wear something sexy and chic, boyfriend jeans look great. The ones I’m wearing here are from Zara but

Winter Dresses

Winter Dresses For Every Figure

When it’s chilly outside, you and I both know all you really want to do is bundle up and forget about getting gussied up – who cares if you look like the Marshmallow Man, as long as you’re warm! But that sort of mentality is just going to make the winter feel all that much longer. Style and warmth aren’t mutually exclusive and one of my favorite tricks is long

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