ball skirt

Wear a Ball Skirt Like a Baller

A ball skirt used to be somewhat of an intimidating thing to me. It almost felt like a fad that would surely go out of style the minute I bought into it. But the more I avoided it, the bigger, better and badder they became. Especially during fashion week, a slew of designers jumped on board and refined the ball skirt as we knew it. Once they left the runway and entered the streets, it was time for me to give it a test drive.

Vrooom! Here is it… a showcase of two different ways to wear them, with tips on how to add your personal style to it. I went with a soft floral pastel-like print. I felt that it was subtle enough to be more than a one-time (oh, she’s wearing that skirt again) look. Florals are one of those prints that truly never go out of style, so I figured even if the ball shape ends up being a fad, the florals will give me an excuse to continue wearing it. I purposely paired these looks with a simple black and white tee, just to show that anyone can do this. Somewhere in your closet is a solid colored top that would be a perfect fit with the ball skirt, whether it’s a crop top or blouse that can be either tucked in or out.

Look 1. Daytime: Tea party & Bridal Shower Appropriate 

I paired it with a white crop top, blush heels and hints of gold accessories. These style heels are my absolute fave at the moment, mainly because you can also wear them with denim, and dresses. They are extremely comfortable and versatile.

Look 2. Nighttime: Casual Night Out & Dinner Appropriate 

I paired the skirt with a black racer back crop top and edgy black heels. For colder weathers, I’d add a cardigan or black leather jacket to keep warm.

Last but not least- when in doubt about your top and bottom, mix your patterned pieces with solid colors- that way you can add your own personal style to it with belts, hats, and other fashion accessories.