How to Make Fancy DIY Easter Eggs in Less than 10 minutes

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw my Fancy DIY Easter Eggs this year. It's unbelievable, even to me, how quick I was able to whip these up. I got these Flash Tattoos for my birthday last year and hadn't used them. Easter Sunday crept up on me so quickly that I woke up that morning and realized I didn't have eggs. I remembered I had the Flash
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DIY Ballerina Party Pops
DIYGuest ContributorMom Life

See Why These DIY Ballerina Party Pops Deserve a Standing Ovation

Last month my little, not-so-little girl turned 3 years old. She recently started ballet and is obsessed with all things ballerina, so that was the theme of her 3rd birthday party soirée. Even though I love party planning and making all the cute itty-bitty details myself, I was too busy and too pregnant and enlisted the help of a planner. Still, I wanted to make at least ONE thing for
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How to wear a scarf
FashionGuest Contributor

How to Wear a Scarf 5 Different Ways

October is coming to an end, and while in LA it's not quite "scarf weather" yet, there is always a creative take on how to wear a scarf no matter rain or shine. Traditionally, scarves are used to keep us warm, but they have long since become a statement piece and a great compliment to purses, dresses, hair and much more. So wherever you may live and whatever the weather there, check out these 5
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How to cut a pineapple
Guest ContributorRecipes

How to Cut a Pineapple, Watermelon and Other Difficult Fruits Easily Pineapples, watermelons, kiwis, mangos and avocados – these are among my favorite fruits to eat. But to be honest, every time I’m at the grocery store and I see and crave one I remember the struggle. The struggle of cutting and cleaning them makes me rethink buying them. I know this has been super lazy of me and so finally I decided to try out a few different techniques
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