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5 Affordable Fashion Gifts That Give Back

Did you know that September is Hunger Action Month? Hunger is the #1 health risk in the world and here in the US, 1 in every 6 people struggles with hunger. Unlike other countries where food is scarce, in the US hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty. Close to 70% of low income families are faced to make a choice between
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1 Vest, 3 Outfits, Only $100 From Target Kids

These days my clothing budget has turned into my daughter's clothing budget. Moms of girls can relate that dress up is so much fun especially when your little one is into it. But keeping up with the trends is hard - clothes are not cheap (even though they are little) and they get worn out or kids outgrow them easily. So for my go-to, trendy AND affordable fashion for my daughter, I
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9 Best Kept Secrets to Scoring Designer Clothes for Less

Designer clothes, handbags and shoes eventually get discounted but who wants to wait and take the risk of collections selling out? Most designers make it difficult to find deals but we've got the best tips and tricks to ensure that you score designer clothes for less, because we like to do the same and of course, share the wealth (of knowledge) with you. 1. Join Rewards Programs to Earn Points for
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Belle and Clive
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Meet Belle and Clive and Fall in Love with their Designer Deals

You've probably heard of Bluefly, but have you met its sister flash sale site Belle and Clive? If not, then here is a formal introduction because if you like discount designer clothes as much as we do, then consider Belle and Clive your new best friend! Who it is: Belle and Clive is the latest player in the discount designer clothing space online. The site offers limited-time events (or sales) that feature top
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Outfits with Sneakers
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How To Turn Casual Sneakers into a Stylish Accessory

Back in the day, sneakers and style were rarely heard in the same sentence. They were the sole territory of activewear and super casual attire, but paired with your fave designer duds? Not unless you wanted to look like an extra from Working Girl. But that’s all changed. In recent seasons, with the introduction of sport luxe and comfortable style, the sneaker is chic - no questions asked. Nikes paired
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boyfriend jeans under 50
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5 Best Boyfriend Jeans Under $50

A quick glance around the media, the mall, or the busy nightspot will tell you all that you need to know: Boyfriend jeans are in. Whether you need something versatile for a day spent on the run with friends, a day at home with someone special, or if you just want to wear something sexy and chic, boyfriend jeans look great. The ones I'm wearing here are from Zara but
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