With their award winning custom hair color,  eSalon is the best thing to happen online- second to Netflix of course. We hate shelling out hundreds of dollars every month on root touch-ups and low maintenance dye jobs. So when we stumbled upon eSalon, our dreams finally came true. An online salon service with the best at-home hair dye!! The reason we were so enthralled with this site was because we felt like we were in the hands of real professionals.

best at home hair dye

They don’t pre-make any of their colors, and instead is custom made one-by-one to fit your needs. Additionally, they only high-end ingredients including Vitamin E, Silk Amino Acid, Pro Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Keratin to enhance the moisture and thickness of your.  Their process starts and ends online, with a short questionnaire that asks about your hair goals and history- with questions about our skin color, hair color, previous hair treatments, etc. All the stuff that your in-person hairdresser would ask to determine what it is you need. They had us explain exactly what kind of look and color we were looking for and then, they mixed and made a dye specifically for us. We both are naturally ash blonde but have been dying/bleaching to light blonde for the past 6 years. Typically, we tend to get an orangey/golden overtone so we asked them to give us a toner to counteract that orange color and guess what? Our hair turned out exactly how we wanted it.

award winning at home hair dye

The picture above is all that comes in the package (plus the instructions). You get your bottle with the hair dye in it, along with the toner, shampoo, conditioner, dye brush, 2 pairs of gloves and stain removers. We especially liked the stain removers. How many of us have had left over dye on our skin for days after the salon? So ugly! Both of these work really great. We didn’t think we were going to need it because we have blonde hair dye, but the dye actually turns brown while setting in your hair. It freaked us out the first time because we thought they gave us the wrong dye!

best at home hair dye

Haha, we seriously thought we were going brown but it all turned out perfectly and that’s why we consider it to be the best at-home hair dye we’ve tried yet. You can apply the stain guard around your hairline and ears before you start to dye, or you can use the stain remover during/after for any residue dye left on your skin.

Your first purchase is only $10 and then after that it is $20. If you refer a friend, then you will get $20. They will put you on auto-pay and automatically send you dye every 3 or 4 weeks so if you don’t want that, just tell them you don’t want to be on auto-pay.

We highly recommend this company and the service they provide. One example of their great customer service just happened this week. Our delivery service, where we live, is currently messed up, so we didn’t receive our shipment. We called eSalon and told them it didn’t get delivered and without any hesitation, they sent us a new one and credited our account $35.

at home hair dye coupon

If you are like us and want to save money on hair services, then give eSalon a try. Click on this link to receive 50% off your order.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!