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selling designer handbags for cash

How to Sell Designer Bags for Cash

Designer handbags are well spent fashion investments. But when they no longer fit your style, it can be disappointing to see them sit in your closet unused. Instead of letting all that fine tooling and perfectly stylish piece go to waste, sell it to someone who will treasure it like it’s brand new. Here are four easy steps on how to sell designer bags for cash: 1. Choose Your Marketplace Poshmark

Thanksgiving Dinner
On a budget

How to Throw a Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

Thanksgiving is almost here and so is one of the yummiest meals of the year – Thanksgiving dinner! Whether you’re in need of a roasting rack, decorations, or centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner on a budget, we’ve found the best deals to save on everything you need. So read on, you’ll be thankful you did!   For Cooking and Serving Tools Save up to 60% off roasters and other tools

gifts that give back

5 Affordable Fashion Gifts That Give Back

Did you know that September is Hunger Action Month? Hunger is the #1 health risk in the world and here in the US, 1 in every 6 people struggles with hunger. Unlike other countries where food is scarce, in the US hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty. Close to 70% of low income families are faced to make a choice between


9 Best Kept Secrets to Scoring Designer Clothes for Less

Designer clothes, handbags and shoes eventually get discounted but who wants to wait and take the risk of collections selling out? Most designers make it difficult to find deals but we’ve got the best tips and tricks to ensure that you score designer clothes for less, because we like to do the same and of course, share the wealth (of knowledge) with you. 1. Join Rewards Programs to Earn Points for

flash sales

9 Best Designer Flash Sales To Score Chanel, Prada, Valentino, Hermes and more

Whoever said you can’t get a Valentino bag for half the price was trying to protect a fashionista’s best kept secret- flash sales. In an effort to keep you “so” in the know, we’ve tried them all and rounded up a list of our favorite 9. The savings will be significant as you’re about to learn, and you’ll be able to feed your every designer fashion need by subscribing to these

Belle and Clive

Meet Belle and Clive and Fall in Love with their Designer Deals

You’ve probably heard of Bluefly, but have you met its sister flash sale site Belle and Clive? If not, then here is a formal introduction because if you like discount designer clothes as much as we do, then consider Belle and Clive your new best friend! Who it is: Belle and Clive is the latest player in the discount designer clothing space online. The site offers limited-time events (or sales) that feature top