4 Trending Gladiator Sandals for Women

Gladiator Sandals for Women


Historically, gladiators were worn by warrior men in ancient Rome and my oh my have things changed since then. Gladiator sandals have become an edgy style staple in today’s warm weather fashion for women.

Although they aren’t a new trend, there are two things I’ve noticed to be different this year. The first thing is that the newer styles are more feminine. As in, the cages being designed are much thinner and dainty in appearance. Secondly, I’m seeing more lace-up styles in both gladiator flats and heels.

The ones I’m wearing in the photo above are a tear drop cutout design that lace up just a little under the knee. They’re the Scalloped Gladiator Sandals from Although they are black and have a more intricate evening appeal, I chose to wear it with a casual floral romper for a daytime look at the beach. Gladiators are typically versatile shoes so don’t be shy to dress it up or down with your everyday looks.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the 4 Trending Gladiator Sandals for Women:

Gladiator Sandals for Women Style #1 Studded Flats

Gladiator Sandals for Women

Vince Camuto Hevelli ($119) Soft but still edgy, these flats have thin cages with a high top and buckles on each row. Like basic flats, you can wear these with anything and because they’re nude in color, you can mix it up with bolder prints in your outfit.

Best to wear with: Everything. Floral prints and abstract patterns would be your best but really, you can’t go wrong with nude stems.

Gladiator Sandals for Women Style #2 Stiletto Booties

Gladiator Sandals for Women

Carolinna Espinosa Sari ($199) Notice the sleek cages here that are a great addition to your bootie collection. Booties are typically worn in the colder months, but because of this open toe style, you can go to town (literally) with all the outfit pairings you can put together with these shoes.

Best to wear with: My top two recommendations would be to wear these with a cocktail dress or midi skirt.

Gladiator Sandals for Women Style #3 Buckled Knee High Heels with Lace-ups

Gladiator Sandals for Women

Nasty Gal Fighter ($110) Of course, Nasty Gal would add their twist on top of the twist. This pair would be considered the pizza with everything on it. They’re gladiators, with heels, laces, knee-high tops, zipper-back, round open toe and, you can make them go even further up if you’d like because their lace-up closures have a little extra room so you can wear it both below and above the knee.

Best to wear with: Shorts, short skirts and rompers would be best. Anything with a little distance between your lace-up closure and your bottoms. Since the rest of your leg will be enclosed in cages, try to show more skin above the knee to create the illusion of longer legs. 

Gladiator Sandals for Women Style #4 Detachable Leather Shaft Gladiators

Gladiator Sandals for Women

Schutz Leather Basiliana ($270) I found these today while I was scouring the net for information, and OMG. It blew my mind. #WOW. I love how innovative they are. You’re essentially getting a two-for-one shoe here and you can detach or attach the shaft depending on your outfit. That’s pretty Badda**.

Best to wear with: Dresses, slacks, culottes, dress skirts. Solid colors and anything considered semi-formal to formal wear. 

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